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Six Flags Tips

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Is there an amusement park near Atlanta?

Six Flags Over Georgia

Less than 12 miles outside of Atlanta, Six Flags Over Georgia features 100 acres of fun.

A dozen "thrill" rides and roller coasters dot the park in areas like Gotham City, Peachtree Square and the Cotton States Section. These sections also offer family- and kid-friendly rides, but BUGS BUNNY World is especially for the young ones. With almost 20 rides geared towards families, guests of all ages will find a full day of fun at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Park season begins with weekend and selected weekday hours in March, April and May. Daily operations commence on Memorial Day weekend and continue through the beginning of August. Weekend and select holiday hours round out the Six Flags Over Georgia season through late October.

Season and daily passes are available for purchase. Discount rates apply for groups of 15 or more. Meal deals and Flash Passes -- which designate specific ride time -- are also available to purchase. Get a VIP Tour with a personal guide and front-of-the-line privileges. Six Flags also operates the nearby White Water park with over 50 attractions. This park was voted one The Travel Channel's top 10 water parks in America.

For more information on Six Flags Over Georgia, call 770-948-9290 or visit

Is there an amusement park in St. Louis?

Six Flags St. Louis

St. Louis is home to a Six Flags amusement and water park, formerly known as Six Flags Over Mid-America.

Almost a dozen roller coasters and "thrill" rides are scattered throughout the park in areas including Studio Backlot and Brittania. Almost two dozen family-friendly rides combine with ten kid-oriented amusements for an almost-endless day of fun for visitors of all ages. The Hurricane Harbor water park rides are included in the cost of admission to Six Flags St. Louis.

The park opens in early spring with weekend and select weekday hours. Operations expand to seven days a week in late May and continue through mid-August. Weekend and limited weekday hours then continue through October.

Daily and season passes are available for Six Flags St. Louis. Groups of 15 or more may qualify for discount rates. Upgrade the experience with pre-purchased attraction tickets, Flash Passes to avoid long lines, or a VIP Tour for unique access and front-of-the-line privileges. Get more information at (636) 938-5300 or

Where can I find the most roller coasters in the Northeast?

Six Flags New England

A short drive from Boston and Albany, New York, Six Flags New England is one of the Northeast's major amusement parks.

Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, this park offers the largest collection of roller coasters in this part of the nation. In addition, three kids' areas and a water park are all included in the park's admission. Almost 20 coasters and "thrill" rides are located in the park's various themed areas, including the North and South Ends, DC Superheroes Adventure and Crack Axle Canyon. Looney Tunes Movietown and KIDZOPOLIS are home to 15 kid-friendly rides. Hurricane Harbor offers 16 more rides, nine of which are family-oriented.

Six Flags New England opens in spring with full weekend and limited weekday hours. Daily operations begin on Memorial Day and extend through Labor Day. Full weekend and limited weekday hours round out the season through the end of October.

Daily and seasonal passes are available with limited advance purchase discounts. Groups of 15 or more may be eligible for lower rates. Upgrade packages include Flash Passes to avoid waiting in lines, VIP Tours with front-of-the-line privileges and meal deals. For more information, call (413) 786-9300 or visit

Is there a water park in Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas amusement park is a quick ride by car or mass transportation from downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Broken into six themed sections, Fiesta Texas includes a water park, roller coasters, and family- and child-oriented rides. Spassburg features multiple rides for kids, while Rockville offers thrill rides and roller coasters, as well as family-friendly options. White Water Bay offers 13 water rides and themed shopping and dining. Fiesta Texas also opens up with Holiday in the Park after Thanksgiving through early January. The holiday spirit combines with the excitement of amusement rides.

The park closes after Holiday in the Park and opens again in March with full weekend and limited weekday hours. These continue through late May when daily operations begin and last through late August. Limited weekend and weekday hours then begin and last until the Holiday in the Park hours begin.

Daily and seasonal passes are available and include access to all the water rides within Fiesta Texas. Monthly payments are available for season passes and discounts are available for groups of 15 or more. Flash Passes offer designated ride times to avoid lines, while VIP Tours offer a personalized look at the park and front-of-the-line access. For more information, call (210) 697-5050 or visit

What is there to do at Discovery Kingdom?

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Vallejo, California is home to the 135-acre Six Flags Discovery Kingdom amusement park. Just 35 miles outside of San Francisco, Discovery Kingdom features rides and an animal interaction park.

The themes of Land, Sea and Sky rule this park. Roller coasters and "thrill" rides include V2 - Vertical Velocity, SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight and SkyScreamer. The Looney Tunes Seaport features family-friendly rides. Tava's Jungleland features Nairobi's Lookout Balloon ride and a Safari Jeep Tour. Various animal interactions, including giraffes, elephants, dolphins and sea lions, occur throughout the park.

Daily and season passes are available, as are Flash Passes for designated ride times and VIP Tours for unparalleled access to the park and rides. Groups of 15 or more can receive discounted rates. Upgrade to an unforgettable experience where you swim with the dolphins. Discovery Kingdom also features a Holiday in the Park theme where the sights and sounds of the winter season combine to make the rides and entertainment a unique day of fun.

Weekend hours at Discovery Kingdom begin in mid-March, with select Fridays and weekday hours in April and May. Daily operations run from Memorial Day to mid-August. Weekend hours continue through October, including Labor Day, and resume after Thanksgiving through the first week of January. Weekday hours occur for portions of December and January for the Holiday in the Park.

What is the largest Six Flags adventure park in America?

Six Flags Great Adventure

Located centrally between New York City and Philadelphia, Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey is America's largest Six Flags adventure park.

Themed areas include Boardwalk, Movietown, Frontier Adventures and Plaza Del Carnaval. Fifteen "thrill" rides and roller coasters combine with almost 40 family-friendly and kid-oriented rides. Adventure Alley and Bugs Bunny National Park cater specifically to families and younger children. Food, provisions and souvenirs are available for purchase throughout the park.

Adjacent to Great Adventure is the Hurricane Harbor water park and the Wild Safari, a 350-acre park with over 1,200 animals. View them up close and personal in the largest drive-through safari outside of Africa.

Great Adventure opens on weekends in early spring and begins daily operation in late May. Additional weekday hours occur on select days in April and May, as well. Daily hours end on Labor Day, while weekend operation -- and some Friday and weekday holiday hours -- continue through late October. Wild Safari features the same operating schedule, while Hurricane Harbor opens Memorial Day weekend and continues weekend hours through late June, when daily operations begin. The water park closes on Labor Day.

Great Adventure tickets can be purchased for a one-day visit or as a season pass. Groups of 15 or more may be eligible for group discounts. Upgrades are available for personal tours and front-of-the-line access, as well as designated ride times to avoid standing in line. More information is available by calling (732) 928-1821 or visiting

What is the best roller coaster park in America?

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Voted the readers' choice as "Best Roller Coaster Park in the World" in the May 2012 issue of "Theme Park Insider," Six Flags' Magic Mountain is located northwest of Los Angeles in Valencia, California.

With 15 "thrill" rides, including the X2 and Tatsu roller coasters. Family-friendly rides can be found throughout the park's various themed areas like Colossus County Fair, DC Universe and the Movie District. Bugs Bunny World features nine kids-oriented rides in addition to family-themed entertainment. An adjacent water park, Hurricane Harbor, offers 22-acres of water rides, speed slides and an interactive lagoon.

Open seven days a week from the end of March through Labor Day, Magic Mountain remains open throughout the year with weekend and holiday hours. Hurricane Harbor is open each weekend from Memorial Day weekend through the end of September. Daily hours begin mid-June and end on Labor Day.

Advance purchase discounts are available for Magic Mountain, as well as child pricing. Season passes are also available for both parks. A Flash Pass can be purchased for designated ride times to avoid waiting in lines. VIP tours and front-of-the-line privileges are also offered. More information can be obtained at (661) 255-4100 or

What is the amusement park near Lake George, New York?

Six Flags Great Escape

The 140-acre Six Flags Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom features about 135 rides, attractions and shows. It is located in the Adirondack Mountain area of Queensbury, New York, near Lake George.

The Great Escape offers several "thrill" rides and roller coasters in various areas including the Fest Area and Ghost Town. Kid-centric areas include KIDZOPOLIS and Timbertown, while families of all ages can find attractions in Storytown, as well as Fest Area and Ghost Town. Splashwater Kingdom offers water rides with a paid admission to The Great Escape.

Six Flags Great Escape Lodge is nearby and not only offers 200 family-style suites, but a 38,000 square foot indoor water park. Packages to the lodge can include admission to The Great Escape amusement park.

The park opens with limited hours in mid- to late May. Seven-day-a-week operations begin in mid-June and extend through Labor Day. Weekend and some holiday hours close out the season through the end of October.

One-day and full season passes are available for The Great Escape. Groups of 15 or more may qualify for discounted rates. Go Fast Passes for designated ride times and meals may be added to admission. Two levels of VIP options are available. For more information, call (518) 792-3500 or visit

Does Six Flags have an park in the Washington, D.C. metro area?

Six Flags America

Six Flags America amusement park is located in the suburban Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

An in-park water park, Hurricane Harbor, is included in the price of admission to Six Flags America to compliment the thrill rides and family-friendly experiences. More than a dozen exciting rides and roller coasters are found in such park areas as Gotham City and the Southwest Territory. Family-friendly rides can be found in these areas as well as Coyote Creek and Olde Boston. Kids can find all kinds of rides and adventures in the LOONEY TUNES Movie Town and Whistlestop Park.

The park opens for limited hours in early spring, with daily operations starting in late May. Limited hours return in mid-August and continue through late October before closing for the season.

Daily and season-long passes are offered for Six Flags America, with admission to Hurricane Harbor included. Group rates for 15 or more and meal deals are also available. Flash Passes can be purchased for designated ride times, while two VIP packages are offered as well. More information is available at (301) 249-1500 or

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